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Legal Market Intelligence Reports

Benchmark your compensation and billing rates against leading local and international law firms worldwide.

The PDFs on this page provide a brief summary of the contents of each report currently available. For an indication of the kinds of charts and tables that appear within our reports, please click here.

  • Prices vary according to jurisdiction.
  • We also offer bundles of reports and global subscriptions.
  • Participation in the research for a given report guarantees a substantial discount on the list price (usually between 40 and 50 per cent).

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Reports available


Hong Kong


Indonesia (Jakarta)

South Korea (Seoul)

Japan (Tokyo)

Thailand (Bangkok)

Mainland China (Shanghai & Beijing)

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi)


Belgium (Brussels)

Hungary (Budapest)

Russia (Moscow)

Czech Republic (Prague)

Italy (Milan & Rome)

Slovakia (Bratislava)

France (Paris)

Poland (Warsaw)

Spain (Madrid & Barcelona)


Romania (Bucharest)

Ukraine (Kiev)


Qatar (Doha)

Saudi Arabia (Riyadh & Jeddah)

UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi)

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