What We Do

Legal Market Intelligence Reports

Benchmark your compensation and billing rates against leading local and international law firms worldwide.

Globe Business Media Group’s legal market intelligence reports have proved an invaluable resource for leading law firms around the globe for over a decade. Offering detailed benchmarking for compensation and billing, the reports are an essential tool for any firm looking to secure a competitive edge in the market. They also offer an excellent assessment of opportunities for the opening of new offices in key jurisdictions.

Content of reports

Some of the features of our reports include:

Tables and charts from aggregated locally researched data covering:

  • Lawyer compensation (all levels from trainee to equity partner)
  • Lawyer bonuses
  • Support staff compensation
  • Billing levels (for all levels of fee-earner)
  • Demographic breakdowns of personnel

Editorial analysis covering:

  • Market trends
  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Utilisation and targets
  • Billing practices
  • Realisation

Within the reports, for the purpose of comparative data analysis, firms are split into classification groups such as US, UK, domestic and European.

For an idea of the format of a report please click here.